Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Weekend

I taught my first Yoga class for the Dragonridge Spa up in MacDonald Highlands. It is a beautiful facility. The studio is set up high on the second story with large open windows wrapping around the room, surrounded by beautiful palm trees, mountains, flowers and various greenery. It's a wonderful way to practice and have the opportunity to see nature and the outdoors as you're breathing and flowing, bathed by natural beauty....
The homes are stunning, I would probably lose myself if I lived in one of those monsters. Many of the architecture is very appealing neutral earthtones lots of green, hey they are on golf course, d-oh.

After class, I decided to make raw/vegan/sugar-free wheat free & gluten-free apricot sorbet and apple pie. Logan has been wheat, gluten & sugar-free for two months now and the results are definitely noticeable, greater awareness, focus, more relaxed, increased appetite and most important he acts happier and has a greater, healthier ablility to deal with stress and anger.

While I taught, Larry and Harry took the kiddos up to Cold Creek for the relief in weather (20 degrees cooler). They returned covered in mud from the "cold creek". Larry said that the twins took a couple of nose dives but all in all they had a terrific time.

We watched the firework display at the Vetran's Memorial Park in Boulder City. Just in case the kiddos were less than polite, we decided not to do the social party thing with our friends. The kids were outstanding, they ran around like a herd of wild horses, played frisbee with other kids and when firework time came they watched, in awe. It was great!

I will post some stuff from Logan's birthday (6/15), and our trip to Redondo later...