Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's amazing the amount of time that has passed since I last blogged. Almost one year...
Facebook has taken over the little time I had put aside for blogging and I really don't participate in that deal too much. I just haven't felt like sharing every detail of my life with all my FB friends.
I'm super happy though that I've been an active participant in my life! I've been spending tons of time with my family, working on connecting more with my spouse, trying to nurture our relationship and keep it alive. Amazing how the kids take up so much time and space all at the expense of the thing that brought them here in the first place. Crazy. I really try to keep them all busy and active: exploring the outdoors, going with me to the gym, playdates at the park or a friends home, visits to the Natural History Museum, weekly trips to the library, swim classes, choir, dance, soccer and a clay sculpting class for Logan. I've also been practicing more yoga in front of them, sometimes they join in and other times they just use my asana as a prop - a tunnel, bridge, pony or whatever they need during imaginative play at that moment.
The newes addition to my life is that I began swimming two months ago and love it. I try to get in 3 days/week and swim a minimum of 24 laps or 800meters. So far my personal best swim was 1800meters - that happened because I left my dear friend Keela in charge of my workout. It was awesome! Swimming is like yoga in the water. You get to clear your head, focus on your breathing, be alone with yourself just as you are, move and flow in the moment, some days you feel strong, unstoppable...and other days you're wondering what's stopping two days are the same, it's a beautiful balancing act of effort and surrender. Mentally and physically stimulating all around. Today, I picked up a road bike to borrow for an event next month, tomorrow I go for my first ride with my coach. It should be interesting.
We will go for 11 miles, he wants to check my form, posture and comfort level. He will be teaching me the basics...I can't wait!