Friday, August 8, 2008

Andrew's Birthday April 2008

Hanging out while Andrew plays a video game.
These two really get along great! This is the first friend we ever left Logan with. Logan was so disappointed that he had to come home.
The kids had a great time with the pinata! Instead of "pin the tail on the donkey" the children played "pin the mask on the storm-trooper" I thought that was so creative!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A life of yoga is a life fulfilled!

Isn't this a beautiful pose?
Sharing yoga with children is more about the pose itself, it's about empowerment, respect of self and all people, self esteem, love, belief in oneself, it's a gift they will have for life. As more and more families take to the mat, the more we will see reflected a glorious and peaceful existance - a healthier people and a happier planet. Evette

After the Shower

After they saw mine, (not pictutured) they wanted one too! They kept pointing and saying "Hott, hott". (hat)
Of course Spencer's wearing the pink one.

(Less than 5 minutes later...) Okay mom, this is getting old now, I want it OFF!

When you're not looking

Here's what they mean when they say "Double Trouble".

I walked away to get jammies and diapers and this is what I found!

I can't believe they are going to turn Two in just 20 days!

Taylor Spencer's 4th Birthday - Tuesday, July 22

I'm sorry I didn't get any (this was the only one before my battery died) photos of Taylor and the children because they all looked so cute, but I'm happy that I did get a picture of the cake Lisa (Tate's mom) made. She did a wonderful job! We celebrated on Sunday the 20th of July!
This was also a week of firsts for Logan. We left Logan with the Spencer's to play for about 2 hours! Logan was exhausted when he got home yet he wanted to go back to their house to play more!

The end of a Buggy week

Logan washing dishes.
"I'm going to Show you how I wash the dishes".
Spencer is showing me how to "dive" off the step stool, see Logan's toes in the background, yikes!

During Breakfast this morning...

Spencer: (In the kitchen) "More O-meal Mommeee, more".
Mom: (Also in the kitchen) "Oh good Spencer, you're getting your appetite back".
Logan: (In the laundry/playroom - we have a toddler table in there) "Who took Pencer's appetite, mommy?"
Mom: (Walking over to laundry/playroom) "The Flu Bug took Spencer's appetite away".
Logan: "Where did it take Spencer's appetite?"
Mom: "Oh it flew away with it and left him feeling sick in his belly". (The twins have had the stomach flu for the past 4 days)
Logan: "The other day I saw a flu bug and I shot it dead with my black and yellow gun."
Mom: "That's why you're so healthy Logan!"
--A few minutes after eating his oatmeal--

Logan: "Mommy, my arm is tired of eating."
Mom: "Okay, Logan, I guess you're done eating, does that mean your arm is too tired to do dishes".
Logan: "Acshooly, my other arm is not tired, it still works, SEE!" (moving his arm - in a funny way of course)

Where did my baby go, he's already washing dishes...amazing!