Monday, February 25, 2008

Play time

The kids LOVE to be OUTDOORS!

Family Day

Oh how I love Sundays. We always seem to do cool stuff on Sundays. Is it because we want to close our weekend with something fun so we can start a new week off with a positive? I dunno... On this particular Sunday, we met up with the Friends of Paleantology and went in search of various sea fossils. We met in the North Las Vegas area, Frenchman's Mountain for the first dig, Larry accompanied Logan while I waited for Spencer and Sendona to drift off to sleep. That did not happen so...I entertained the lil 'uns with songs, food and my silly, funny faces the entire 90 minutes they were away. Larry and Logan returned with some cool rock with teeny tiny fossils. The second part of the dig was another 20 miles away, near the Apex. This time I accompanied Logan while Larry hung out with the now "sleeping babies". I must have worn 'em out, eh...
The Professor (Steve) who led the excursion showed us some cool coral which was embedded in the rock. I even found my own trophy rock, it looked like long, hard strands of seagull poop, it was the long section of coral. The cross section looks groovy. Of course we brought home samples of everything we found.
After we returned home the kids were ready to play, especially after having to endure 4 hours in the car.
Did I say Sundays are wonderful? Just making sure... Anyway, no matter what day, being outdoors is our family's favorite way of being.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


I've decided to stretch myself (more) and create a space where friends and family can check in with our tribe whenever the urge arises! Also, this will be a great forum to get some creative juices flowing, to share thoughts on just about whatever may be going on in my brain. Hopefully Larry will also get into it and join the party. It could prove to be fun! Cool...

Lets get started...

This is my tribe. Sedona, Evette, Logan, Larry and Spencer.

Logan, our oldest, was born at home on the bedroom floor. He was born at 36 weeks. It was one of the most spectacular events of my life! (Sue, did you ever bring that shower curtain?) I was truly in awe at the beauty of birth, it was a meditation in motion, the ultimate form of present moment awareness. No drugs, no episiotomy, just Mom, Larry, 4 pooches, Sue, Crystal, and my Midwife, Kaye Bullock.

Years ago, I wanted so much to have twins, I wanted to "do it once and be done". Spencer and Sedona were "spontaneous" creations. We were going to have "one more". The universe responded with "one more pregnancy" consisting of "two babies". This experience proves one very crucial point: remember to be very clear and specific when you pray and/or meditate.

We finally feel after 18 months, that it's getting a little easier. We feel like we're in a much better place, we let loose a lot more and are having fun, there's a lot more laughter in our home. I now have a great deal of respect, compassion and empathy for other families of multiples. It's quite eventful! I once heard another parent say they felt as if they were on the spin cycle the whole year. Yeah, that's a pretty good way to describe it.