Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Dinner at Cut in Palazzo

The Tuna Tartar and Scallop Appetizer were TO DIE FOR...
Everyone's dinner was cooked to perfection by chef Matt at the beautiful new restaurant by Wolfgang Puck. Steak, Shortrib Pot Pie, Creamed Spinach, Baby Broccoli, French Fries and for Dessert Chocolate Fondue with an amazing assortment of goodies and baked Rasberry Alaska. If I ate like that on a regular basis...I would be dead! It was a wonderful, spectacular, amazing dinner. If I could type fireworks this is where they'd be.
It was so awesome to spend time with two of our best friends, Sue and Clay! We had such a great time and we loves you to pieces...
Blogger not working correctly, I'll load pics when I can!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom & Dad first time away...alone...

Maga was the hair stylist for the kids, she's really good with that sort of thing.

When we were prego with the twins, Larry and I agreed we would take a little trip away, alone.

We did and it was terrific! Maga came in from Cali to help Mom with the tribe. Her first day here she commented on how cute and quiet the kidlets were. By Sunday, the Honeymoon was over. All in all she had a good time. The kids wouldn't stop talking about her, she was a hit with them. Hopefully she'll come back soon!

Here she is with Sedona and the Loganator.