Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chukar hunting in Northern Nevada

Larry was so excited to take his brother Nick (from MD) and friend Harry on this hunt. They were very tired when they came home after a weekend of chasing, climbing and flushing. Nick said that was first and last time he would go on that tough of a hunt. Bailee is exhausted after such a hard days work. The guide said that she had a lot of stamina compared to many of the other dogs he had seen.
Larry sure love hunting birds. I don't really understand it but I've come to accept that it's "his thing", and I'm okay with it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping at Fresh & Easy

While standing in front of the "sample table", Spencer proceeds to grab a cup (of juice) which spills everywhere, (on Spencer, Sedona's arm, Logan's shoe & the floor).
Me: "Can I please have a paper towel?"
Logan: "Boy, that is sure a good floor cleaner, tastes good too."
F&E Employee (laughing & caught off guard): "Yeah, you're right, it is."
I didn't realize how funny that exchange was til a short time ago as I was relaying the story to my mom. That Logan is a hoot!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictures not working

I will temporarily have to refrain from posting pictures til I figure out what's wrong...

Pujari and Abilasha

Went to a dharma talk and meditation class last night, it was splendid! My head feels crisp and clear and my heart is wide open. I'm surrounded by many messages from Spirit and guidance. I can feel the energy, I want to hear, I need to listen...
I feel the need to get away, the ocean. I've shared this with my DH this and he's supportive!
2 hour Yoga coming on Sunday! Will be great!