Monday, May 18, 2009


Larry and I had been talking about taking the kids out on a "treasure hunt" for the past year. Well...we finally did it, we went out with our GPS, downloaded the coordinates in the Cold Creek area of Nevada and began our seach. We found 4 "Caches" total. It was very exciting and loads of fun, next time we go out we'll have to let the kids find the treasures. Larry and I each found two, we were like kids ourselves. It was a blast. Thank you Larry for getting the ball rolling!
We're planning on doing this again during Logan's birthday weekend in June. We will leave 0ne of the travel bugs there. Travel bugs are items (mouse, other plastic animals, etc., attached to a metal dog-tag like chain (the kind military personnel wear) with an engraved plate containing a tracking code so people can see where the item has been.
I think this will become a lasting family activity. I can't wait to go again. Not to mention it's good exercise!

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